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Best 4 Ways To Wear A Polo Shirt | 4 Polo Styling Tips

The polo shirt a men’s style staple and a business casual essential I am loving some polos and today’s polo shirt wearing tutorial now when I say polo shirt I’m talking about the style short sleeves collar and some buttons it’s the style of shirt not the brand the truth be told I have not always been a lover of the polo shirt but one of the beautiful things about style is that it is subjective and as our style IQ grows we have the ability style right to change our opinion.


Four acceptable ways to wear Polo shirt

if we didn’t I’d still be rocking boot cut jeans I still think I was a super Savage wearing my three-button suit jackets and ed hardy well that’s always sucked my personal style evolution has taken a turn towards classic menswear including things like the button-down collar on my Oxford’s wearing suits with the wider peak lapel and even polos the polo shirt is a men’s style staple timeless classic but all polo shirts were not created equal.

Polo shirts for men

I’m going to show you how to wear them alright so like I said all polo shirts were definitely not created equal some are amazing some suck real bad the ones that I personally think suck real bad are the ones that are made out of that peaked cotton sort of bumpy holey you know the ones I’m talking about why do they suck well because after three washes they’re all nuts or collars whacked your sleeve gets all stretched out and they tend to shrink up like super bad rockin a polo crop top before too long gentlemen there are polos out there that are made of a nicer cotton a more refined fabric .

They sell good brand and Fashion Garments makes an amazing one and that’s the polo I’m going to be wearing and featuring in this Post I’ve got three of them I’m also going to be wearing their pants and chinos.

Wear Polo shirt with shorts

There are only four acceptable ways to wear a polo we’re going to go from casual to the dress this option one wear them with shorts all right so the plain white polo shirt is in my opinion one of the most versatile options of polos you can possibly have throw it on in the summer with a nice pair of flat front shorts to crush it.

Anywhere you go you want to dress it up a little tuck it in bangright just hook it up a notch throw on a pair of flip-flops may be driving MOX even a great pair of boat shoes wearing your polo with shorts is an amazing day date Outfit right you’re killing it you’re crushing it you’re elevating the shorts by wearing a polo you toss on a t-shirt totally changes the dynamics and look of the outfit but maybe you’re like yo I don’t want to wear shorts I hate my calves .

white Polo shirt

Wear Polo shirt with jeans

What’s my other option number two jeans there it is folks check it out I throw in a nice pair of slip-on loafers no socks because it’s summer great pair of dark wash jeans and toss on that great white polo think of the white polo like a white dress sure it matches with everything it coordinates with anything it is polo perfection.



Wear Polo shirt with casual

The next look the next option is what I call business casual 1.0 this is business casual perfected you guys know if you work in a corporate environment you know that business casual means collared polo it also means chinos all right but you need to make sure that the fit of the shirt fit of the chinos fit of everything is amazing you do that you’re up in your game you don’t do that you look like stand the sloppy’s you look rough you don’t look your best.

I should say and all it takes is a little bit of effort a little bit of time and understanding the way that clothing should fit your body all right the pants should fit you perfectly not like all right perfectly not a bunch of room in the crotch not a bunch of bag in the leg the shirt like a glove it should fit.

Black simple Polo shirt with business casual 2.0

We’ll get to how it should fit in aminute but right now business casual 2.0 have you ever seen a polo shirt rocked this hard huh what spin hi gentlemen the black simple cool polo is the perfect option for combining with a great pair of slacks or pants you go out to a day to dinner yet a date for dinner you go out to dinner on a date it’s hot outside you don’t want to wear something you want to roll up sleeves you’ve been working on the guns you want to show them up right polo on out to a bar business meeting you rock this look gentlemen you’re up like.

It’s not even fair to other dudes wearing polos you look amazing but the only way that happens is if the polo shirt fits you properly gentlemen here’s how a polo should fit it should be snug through the chest the shoulder region even the arm but through the body it shouldn’t be skin tight like a sausage.

If it is it’s too small it boils down to fit fabric and function and so now I’d like to tell you a little bit about the polo shirt that I’m wearing along with the grey pants as well as the Cheetahs that you saw there from an amazing company called Fashion Garments so three like MIT savants got together like oh why should I have to wear a terrible shirt why should I have to wear pants that might look good but they’re not comfortable they’re like yo we’re smart.



Polo shirts small and medium run Apparel company

We should come out with a better option I don’t think I have to say anything guys the deal is these pants that I am wearing are like athletic pants except they look like slacks comfortable yeah I just I’m like JLo dancing up here seriously though the fabrics are incredible they’re wicking they keep you cool and they allow you to move the polo shirts blew me away Fashion Garments has all the basics you’ve got t-shirts you’ve got pants you got jackets you got dress shirts their stuff is amazing is it cheap no but the quality is crazy high.


I am here to tell you that the pants that I’m wearing are hands-down the most comfortable slacks that I’ve ever owned literally I could put all my sneakers and go running still I could run to the office then run day because freaking look  gentlemen polos can be look cool .If you know how to rock them.if you are looking Cheap and small medium and long run Polo shirt manufacturer pls write an email for free business quote info@fashiongarments.biz.

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