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Cheap Garment suppliers

Fashion garments is an OEM apparel supplier and Fashion garment suppliers operating in Pakistan our Clothing Manufacturing SERVICES and production service is one of our core businesses.

The Full package apparel manufacturing services (OEM clothing manufacturing) are offered by us to support start up clothing businesses in clothing production. Fabric sources in Pakistan that you may find in our OEM garment manufacturing services will assist you to achieve premium apparel for your clothing brands. Especially for start-up clothing companies who need a series of packaged services on fabric sourcing, sampling, production, etc. Supported by our experienced clothing manufacturing techniques, a wide range of Fashion garment designs can be achieved, thus, we believe that your designs will all come true with our OEM manufacturing services.

As OEM Garment suppliers, we are a strong backup for our clients. Clothing Designs & ODM Clothing Manufacturing

Fashion Garment suppliers

We hold creative garment designers to offer gorgeous designs for apparel we produced. Thus, ODM manufacturing is offered if you come without design. As an ODM Garment suppliers, we are confident enough to bring out approved clothing designs.

Fabric Sourcing for Garment Manufacturing

Nearly all kinds of raw materials such as fabric supporting garment manufacturing can be found in Pakistan. For instance, the fleece, light or heavy weight Jersey, rib, terry, flat back rib, stripper fabric, 100% cotton twill etc we manufactured may use different types of fabric we sourced according to your particular demands.

Traditional Cut & Sew Garment Manufacturing techniques.Though Fashion Apparel is a leader in contract cut and sews garment manufacturing services. Stylus offers apparel development, sampling, and production services for your clothing line or label, providing creative design and development from concept to production to distribution.

With more than 10 years of experience in cut and sew garment manufacturing, Fashion Apparel is absolutely committed to creating quality cut and sew apparel. Our state-of-the-art cut and sew contracting facility has the capacity for hardship contract cut and sew  but we are acceptable working with both small businesses and start-up fashion lines as well.

With cut and sew manufacturing by Fashion Apparel, you get completely customized garments created from raw fabrics and stitched admirably by our experienced and dedicated seamstresses. It’s not just screen printing a mass-produced blank t-shirt — with cut and sew garment production, you are creating the garment, from fabric choice to stitch to final decorations. Go above and beyond the next brand — and produce truly custom apparel for your brand.

We Fashion Apparel can help you make it. Dream garment designs become reality

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