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Whether a start-up or an established brand, you need to know the kind of Garment cost you face in developing and producing an ethical fashion line. Here are some of the elements that should be included in your costing – and note, we help you to eveulate the Garment cost Fashion garments clothing manufacturers

Garment cost and clothing manufacturers Sampling Charges

Sampling involves a production commitment. Several factories and businesses are involved in the development process. It is a huge loss to the factories if an order is not accompanied with the development of a sample. For example- for a single t-shirt, quotes and sampling charges come from several companies; such as, the woven labels, hang tags, packaging, yarns, washer, production factory, freight forwarder, trims or embellishment, dyer & washer.

Sampling charges apply which covers bare costs & is shared with the factory.

Based on quantity and a physical prototype we will provide either an initial rough estimate. Since each design will vary in requirements, fabric consumption, trims and accessories, the only way for us to quote a more accurate price for your item to make a counter sample.

Garment cost Fashion garments clothing manufacturers Counter sample:

We make a counter sample from a similar (and readily available) fabric. Set up fees apply. Please contact us for a quote. Normally you go straight to production and do not need a sales sample.

Garment cost Fashion garments clothing manufacturers Sales sample:

 This is a finalized fabric-developed-fabric woven from yarn, dyed in sampling vessels and washed as per specifications. Pricing is 3 times the wholesale price per style, per color, plus a set-up fee. Sales samples are only made with confirmed orders.

Garment cost Fashion garments clothing manufacturers Courier Charges: 

All clients are required to pay for any courier charges to and from the factory and any couriers to you. The best way to do this is to provide an account number for your preferred carrier. You can negotiate prices for both International & Domestic rates when you set up the account.

Note: Manufacturing services costs are always inclusive of fabric, trims, accessories, labels, washing, packaging, labour, duties and shipping to the country of residence. Markers can be made locally or it can be sent to the factory for an additional cost.

  • We require a 50% deposit at the time orders are placed (production orders) and then require the remaining 50% paid at the time of shipment for develop customer we accept  Documents against Payment (DP),  money orders and wire transfers also.
  • Sampling costs can be paid by money orders and wire transfers .
  • We accept certified cheque, money orders and wire transfers and cash against documents.

We believe in supporting those who support us – and our aims. To this end we have priced our services competitively. Our pursuit of “Fair Pricing” means your goods can go to market at the best price possible.

Garment  cost Fashion garments clothing manufacturers

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