Clothing Order Minimum

Clothing order minimums are about  300 to 600 units per style with a minimum of 1000 pieces in total. available in 1 or 2 custom colors. Minimum orders are typically dependent on the minimum production of fabrics and dying.

Clothing Order Minimum Depend on Material

Fashion Garments believe in economies of scale. Typically, the most economical way to price a garment is to dye 1000 yards of fabric. Since this can be a big investment for smaller companies, we’ve established a system which does not require you to utilize all the fabric in the first production run, but does require a deposit equal to 80% of the leftover fabric value after production. We will then “hold” that fabric for up to a year awaiting further orders. If no orders are forthcoming after a year we request the balance due on the fabric and will ship the goods to a location of your choice at your expense. An alternative is to club orders with another company. we may be able to help you produce your dream clothing.

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Clothing Order Minimums  are typically dependent on the minimum production of fabrics

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