Clothing manufacturers

Finding the cheap clothing manufacturers for your apparel brand is quite easy.

For those who have never sought out custom clothing manufacturing companies, there are many means available to help guide you on your way to finding the high quality manufacturer for you. In this article, you’ll get an overview of the best ways to find the perfect private label clothing manufacturers for your next assignment.

Clothing manufacturers

Difference between Local vs Abroad Clothing Manufacturers

A typical question when looking for suppliers if you plan to manufacture or wholesale is whether you want to source locally or from overseas. We refer to overseas suppliers, we are referring to custom clothing manufacturers in countries like Pakistan, China etc.

You likely already be familiar with that it’s almost always cheaper to source your products abroad but there’s a lot more to that decision than just the upfront investment and cost per unit.

Both local and overseas sourcing have their benefits as well as disadvantages

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages below:







Clothing manufacturers for small orders

Where to Find best clothing Manufacturers

Now that you have a better idea of the pros and cons to finding manufacturing partners locally and abroad, you can begin your search. There’s a few great places to start that can put you on the right track to finding your perfect apparel manufacturing partner.

Requesting A Quote

Once you’ve found a suitable supplier, how do you approach them?

The main question you’re going to have is “how much?” but before you rapidly send the supplier your request for quotation take a few minutes to plan out what you want to say and the questions you need to ask. Planning your email will increase your chances that you will receive a response and the correct information.

Here are a few important questions to consider for your email:


Negotiating Small order

If you’re looking for a supplier for the first time, you’re going to swiftly learn about ‘Minimum Order Quantities’ (MOQ’s). It’s not rare for a manufacturer to require a commitment to purchase hundreds or even thousands of units for your first order depending on the product and european manufacturer.

MOQ’s make it difficult when you have limited funds, or simply want to play it safe by starting small to test the market before making larger buying. The good thing is that MOQ’s are almost always negotiable.

Beforehand you begin talking; the first step is to understand why the supplier has enforced a minimum. Is it because there is a lot of work upfront? Or maybe it’s because they prefer to work with larger buyers. Understanding the reasons behind the minimum will help you better understand their position and allow you to negotiate and propose to best counter offer.

After you have a better understanding of your supplier’s position, you can offer a lower order quantity. Negotiations can include giving the supplier a deposit for a larger order, but just producing small amounts at a time or paying a higher price per unit.

Have You Found Your Supply Partner?

Sourcing suppliers and manufacturers is a sole process, and for many, a new experience. Trying to locate suppliers that are a good fit is a critical decision for your business and aren’t always easy to find. It’s easy to get frustrated when you hit dead ends or brick walls but in most cases, it just requires a little more patience and perseverance to find the perfect key partner for your business.

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