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Are Looking for an high fashion apparel company in Pakistan for your clothing line ?

FAQs  section that help to choose right outdoor private label fitness apparel manufacturers  to get quality clothing for your Line.

Hiring quality apparel manufacturers in textile industry is important especially if you are starting a new clothing line.

Co-ordination with Technical Designer and apparel company helps in smooth and timely clothing production.

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In this post we have tried our to answer as much as for those who want apparel manufacturers services .

We are Apparel Company for Small, Medium, long-run orders.

  1. How long does it take to develop a proto sample?

Sample Development goes through the same process as Garment Manufacturing.

For developing sample same as production required raw materials must be developed.

Generally, development process takes around three to four weeks. However, if you are flexible on fabrics and trims and want to see fits and look of the garment it would take about 2 weeks.

  1. What is the cost of developing a proto sample?

Sample cost is calculated by adding fabric consumption, pattern, Trims, labor, and other aspects.

Depending on the style and need sample cost is calculated.

We inform sample charge before we go ahead further. You must get garment tech pack and measurement specs sheet there is no way you get the sample development charge unless the apparel company sees the design and tech sheet.

  1. If you evaluate, what is the cost to grade a garment in the size various sizes?

The Pattern Grading starts once sample development is complete and a sample is approved.

Secondly, Pattern Grading is a preproduction operation. So when you are placing order garment factory pattern grading is done free of cost.

However,if you are only looking for pattern grading then it is chargeable per size. The Cost is considered as per style and is variable.


  1. What is your production lead time once a production order placed?

For basic T-Shirts, or Knitted Garments  fashion factory  the turnaround time is 70- 90 days.

wherein if you are having customized woven fabrics and trims with your branding it takes 85 -95 days normally we need five weeks for production after production sample approval.

  1. What is your quality assurance process?

Generally, our own Internal Quality assurance teams do a quality assessment of the production and once passed it goes to the next level.

The Quality assessment goes on each stage of garment company manufacturing process we have our inline quality assessment team who closely work with a production team to ensure we are producing high quality apparel in textile industry .

  1. What kind of clothing your factory is capable to produce?

Fashion garment exporter is  Capable of producing all kind Knitted T-Shirts, sweatshirts, pullover, zip thru, uniform Dress, Woven Shirts, Dresses, knitted bottom, and denim jean pants 100% cotton twill pants khaki pant cargo shorts etc .

We have capacity to produce more than 100000 pcs of garments monthly in across different styles so it is ideal for small, medium and long run clothing lines which come to get their production done overseas.

 Best Apparel Company in Textile industry for Small and long run order

  1. What is the smallest quantity that you will produce per style, per color in textile industry.?

The Small Order Quantity to produce per style per color is 300~600 units if the raw materials like fabrics and trims are readily available.

The Order quantity is completely dependent on the small batch of the raw materials especially the fabric and any special trims that is required producing the Clothing.

  1. What fabrics do you specialize in?

Our Fabric Sourcing team is capable of sourcing all kind of knitted fabrics , woven fabrics plain, denim, and 100% cotton twill 100% polyester fabric.

For any special or customized prints or checks, we need to check the fabric small batch and minimum color quantity prior to book the order.

  1. What type of clothing do you specialize in?

This is being a fashion studio and integrated high fashion garment factory we are capable of any styles.

  1. Where are your factories located?

We are in Pakistan Lahore based  Apparel company.

This is the hub for Woven and knitted fabrics. We source the fabrics from different parts of Pakistan as well as outsource men made fabrics from china and Taiwan in case our customer has a special requirement.

Best outdoor Apparel Company in textile industry offer competitive price

  1. Are you an agent or a manufacturer direct?

We are a registered and 100% export oriented Apparel Company.

  1. How fast can you quote pricing after receiving specs, sketches, or pictures?

Once the Tech sheets garment sketches and pictures are given we can give you the quote within a day or rarely its take couple of day or maximum 48 hours.

  1. Are you able to production status weekly?

Our competent merchandiser team always here to serve you buy all possible means we will keep sending weekly Wok in progress report to our customer.

  1. Can we visit your website to get an idea of your current or past product history?

You are most welcome to visit our websites and take a look at our current work history.

We would be more than happy if you go to our website and similarly once we have your production done we would love to have your opinion placed on our website your valuable comments really motivate us.

  1. Would you please give references we can contact who can verify your work history and quality?

Please go through the blog and contact any of the clients that we have worked with and take the feedback on our work procedure and support that we did provide.

Our Apparel manufacturers services highly support for start up companies

  1. It is very hard for me to make upfront payment when I have not seen a physical product that you have made, That is why I was asking you to send me a prototype so I can assure of quality.

To develop a proto sample we have to go through all the process that goes with a production.

So the developing print Screens, patterns, embroidery files and sourcing the same material that is to be used for production etc.

This process is costly and stressful because preparing one sample is difficult, time-consuming, and costly.  Moreover, There is no guarantee that after submitting the proto sample if the buyer is going to come back to you for production or not.

This is quite common in Garment  Industry. So the process that we follow is: The Buyer either has to fix the order to start the complete process.

Or If the Buyer is insisting to get the sample for approval, he has to pay for the complete garment sample development charge that comes out for developing the sample.

The sample development charge might be waived off when a bulk order is confirmed.

  1. How does your Small Order Quantity ( small batch ) Work?

Every fabric and trims have their Small order quantity. The small batch would depend on your design and style requirement.

You may give us the tech packs and once the tech packs are evaluated we can let you know the Small order quantity.

Anything below 100 units generally has a considered as sample development and the cost is calculated accordingly.
You may contact us for your production queries and order booking.

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